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Place region in iDX export bottom or top


Place region in iDX export bottom or top

Place region has a different behavior than keep in and keep out, is it not possible to select one side, and when imported in Cadence Allegro appears to be on both side.

Is it bossible to have same behvior as place keepin and place keep out.

Place region: option one side is not accessible.


Place keepin: Option one side only is accessible




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Placer region can be used to place area either on the top side or bottom side of the board. It does not have depth option like keep in or keep out. Place region can be viewed either on the top side or on bottom side but cannot be viewed as both sides. 



Thanks to your answers, even if it does not correspond to my question.

My concern is an end to en perspective (from Creo to Cadence Allegro)

Weather I can place Place region on bottom or Top, this is not transfer to Cadence (it is not set in the IDX file generate by Creo). And by consequences Cadence interpret it has a restriction for TOP and BOTTOM, Which conduct to excessive restriction for the router.

So If a place region is place on TOP surface, this information should be integrated in the IDX generated by Creo.

Hope I clarified the topic.


It is possible that it is a bug. Refer to the IDX specification to understand what properties are supported by the standard for place regions. Note that not all IDX capability is supported by all MCAD/ECAD tools. To investigate, open the .idx export file in a text editor and check to make sure that the place region has a board side (top or bottom) defined in the IDX file. If it does, then the issue is likely on the Cadence side when importing the file.


The IDX V4,0 geometry type for this is:



You also have the option to use IDF export to correctly import a place region into Allegro from Creo if the IDX is not working.

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IDF does not support exchange information. so it does not feed our needs anymore.

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