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Pro/Program Issues With Wildfire 5 linked to PDMLink 9.1


Pro/Program Issues With Wildfire 5 linked to PDMLink 9.1

Hello Gurus,

Hope somebody can help us with an issue that PTC have been unable to solve.

For many years we have used Wildfire 2 in conjunction with Intralink 3.3 and have used parameter values in a layout declared to an assembly todetermine assemblyconfigurations using Pro/Program.

It was a simple process to make a change to the Pro/Program in an editor, save the changes, exit and Pro would ask "do you want to regenerate your changes into the model?".

We would select "yes" and Pro would happily regenerate the changes into the model within a minute or two.

But we have recently moved to Wildfire 5, M060, and PDMLink 9.1, M060.

When testing in a standalone session of Pro/E WF5 (not connected to PDMLink) any changes in the program will regenerate back into the model as it did in WF2.

But if we are in a session linked to PDMLink, the program will not regenerate back in successfully, Pro/E steadily increases memory use until it runs out of RAM & bails out with a memory error (Win XP 32 bit machine with 3Gb switch enabled).

Looking at the trail file, Pro/E is assigning or reassigning a material to every lower level component in the assembly in turn and keeping them in session during the regeneration process until a memory error occurs.

We also tried editing the program and regenerating the changes on a Win7 64bit machine with 12Gb RAM and while it did not bail out with a memory error, we aborted after 30 minutes as the regeneration had not been completed and the user needed his machine back.

We raised this with PTC a couple of weeks ago and have escalated it, but their response back this morning confirms that they have no idea what is causing it and how to fix it.

I have attached an exerpt from the trail file.

Hopefully someone has a solution, any help offered would be greatly appreciated.


Paul Stephens

Kenworth Trucks Australia

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We are on WF 3 and IL9.1m062 and see the same issue. No solution yet.

Mark Steffke
Engineering System Administrator
The Delfield Company
Manitowoc Foodservice
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