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I'm quite New in creo. But I'm trying to play a bit with Pro program. After this I missed so much CATIA. so easy to suppress and unsupress features by expression. But this isn't the point.

I have managed a file to play with expression and it supressing and unsupressing features. It was all OK, working as desired. Then I decided to create a new file, and by my mistake, I save it in another folder, but with the same name. With this new file I changed also the pro program, and it looks that this new file has delete the old one....

Isn't the pro program file located inside the prt file? If I send the prt file to other PC will pro program work?

Will Ptc arrange a way to make our parts "smarter" instead of doing this with pro program? It's really outdated and hard to work with....

The Pro/Program is located IN your part or assembly. So if you open that part on a different computer, you'll still have all the code.


strongly recommend using a PDM system, which can assure that you have unique filenames, so you don't end up with identical filenames in different folders.


As for Pro/Program, it's a super simple BASIC-like language. If you know IF...THEN..ELSE then you can programm with Pro/Program. Suppressing features is super easy, just enclose a feature (at part level) or a component (at assembly level) with an IF STATEMENT and you are good to go.


I would also recommend using Notepad++ as your editor. You can even define a language for Pro/Program, so your code will be a lot more easy to read/edit. Take a look at this post here.


I'm using Pro/Program a lot but main disadvantage is we lost Undo / Redo functionality UR.PNG Smiley Frustrated

I hope PTC soon will fix it...


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