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Renaming files?????


Renaming files?????

What and where is the best way to rename Creo and WC files?

I have a rack assembly with multiple assemblies associated with it. I have to re-identify the upper level assembly and some of the units that go into it.

I have the new part and drawing numbers already assigned to the new files. Is it best to do this in Windchill or Creo? Do I load all of the files into a
Workspace and start at the bottom or the top level first??

Thanks, Mike D

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Renaming files?????

I would always recommend renaming from WC Commonspace. You can click your top level assembly and collect all of the components in it then rename all at once.

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Renaming files?????

If this is a true rename and not a "save as"/duplicate or "rename in session", I do renaming in Windchill to keep any associated cad files to WT (Windchill) parts in sync.

Renaming files?????

Agreed. To maintain the relationships between all associated parts/assemblies, the Rename should be accomplished in Commonspace (i.e. Windchill Cabinets).

After renaming in Commonspace, you may need to perform a Sync your Workspace to reflect the new name(s) of the file(s) in Commonspace.

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Renaming files?????

A few Renaming considerations:

- The Modify Identity permission make the Rename action available; must be at all States in the object's current history

- Rename gives the ability to edit

o For CAD Doc's: CAD Doc Number, CAD Doc Name, CAD filename (filenames can be renamed to not include .prt, .asm, etc. which will make them fail)

o For non-CAD Doc's, Doc Number, Doc Name (no filename)

- Rename history is maintained and can be accessed

o Can no longer search for you may have done business on (but in a pinch, can do so directly in the database)

- Published viewables are not updated after Renumber / Rename; need to republish if this is used

Renaming files?????

I agree that RENAMING really does need to be done in Commonspace. IN FACT
that is the only way to do it once the file(s) have been entered into the

Mike Locascio

Renaming files?????

If you try to "rename" a file in Creo that has been checked in to PDMLink you will not "rename' the file but actually you will get a new file in your workspace. It works like a save as. For parts and assemblies this will allow you to maintain the relationship with the drawing which would also be renamed at the same time. Both items must be in Creo and in session for this to work. Renaming in Creo only works for files that have not put into PDMLink.

If you want to "rename" a file that is in PDMLink I do not think there is any option but to do the rename in PDMLink.

However, if you are looking to get a new file with or without the associated drawing you can do the maneuver in Creo or PDMLink. But I would recommend PDMLink because of the collection tools that are available there that are not available in Creo.

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Renaming files?????


You are correct. IF you are using PDM Link you would definitely want to do
your maintenance there. IF you are running Creo without PDM Link or
Windchill, you would want to have the necessary files in session so that you
can maintain the associativity between parts and assemblies.