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Restricted Value Parameter Tables used by a material (.mtl)


Restricted Value Parameter Tables used by a material (.mtl)

I am trying to get a material to use a restricted value parameter... that is also a parameter table.  I have successfully made a restricted value parameter file with a table in it that the part parameters have no trouble using.  I can add a parameter to the material (.mtl) file using that RVP table.... but when I save the .mtl file with those new parameters it some how invalidates the .mtl file rendering it unreadable next time.  When I remove the parameters that were placed with the RVP table it can be read again.


I tried using a table in the .mtl file, but realized that I didn't know the syntax for calling the table header info....  I noticed the first lines of the .mtl and the RVP.txt files are called out differently.


Any shared knowledge would be great!  


What are you using to edit the file?

Notepad++, Word, ...

It has been noted that Word can add some hidden things into the files that renders then useless when being opened in Creo.


Ben Loosli mentions this when editing pen tables:

Plane notepad

Can you explain in more detail what you are trying to do?

Are you trying to modify the material (.mtl) file on the fly from within Creo?


What I though I could do is have AL_5052 material with a user defined parameter as a table from my RVP file.  And save it.  Then when someone added the material they could edit the parameter to set the gauge which would also set the bend radius.  That way you do all that from the material edit box.  


I have it working but you have to select the material, then go to the part parameters to do it.

****the RVP file****

ND_ParamDefArr_K01 = {

{ Name = GAUGE ! Description of GAUGE
Type = string

Type = real

{ Name = SHAPE_T ! Standard Thickness of Material
Type = real

ND_ParamTable_K01 = {
ROWS = '*NO GA ', '-GA', 0.1234, 0.1234
'AL ', ' ', 0.1234, 0.1234
'AL 08GA', '8GA', 0.1285, 0.1250
'AL 09GA', '9GA', 0.1144, 0.1250
'AL 10GA', '10GA', 0.1019, 0.1250
'AL 11GA', '11GA', 0.09074, 0.0625
'AL 12GA', '12GA', 0.08081, 0.0625
'AL 14GA', '14GA', 0.06408, 0.03125
'AL 16GA', '16GA', 0.05082, 0.03125
'AL 18GA', '18GA', 0.04030, 0.03125
'AL 20GA', '20GA', 0.03196, 0.03125
'AL 22GA', '22GA', 0.02535, 0.03125
'AL 24GA', '24GA', 0.02010, 0.03125
'AL 26GA', '26GA', 0.01594, 0.03125
'AL 28GA', '28GA', 0.01264, 0.03125
'AL 30GA', '30GA', 0.01003, 0.03125
'SS ', ' ', 0.1234, 0.1234
'SS 08GA', '8GA', 0.17187, 0.250
'SS 09GA', '9GA', 0.15625, 0.250
'SS 10GA', '10GA', 0.1406, 0.250
'SS 11GA', '11GA', 0.125, 0.0625
'SS 12GA', '12GA', 0.10937, 0.0625
'SS 14GA', '14GA', 0.07812, 0.0625
'SS 16GA', '16GA', 0.0625, 0.03125
'SS 18GA', '18GA', 0.050, 0.03125
'SS 20GA', '20GA', 0.0375, 0.03125
'SS 22GA', '22GA', 0.03125, 0.03125
'SS 24GA', '24GA', 0.025, 0.03125
'SS 26GA', '26GA', 0.01875, 0.03125
'SS 28GA', '28GA', 0.01562, 0.03125
'SS 30GA', '30GA', 0.0125, 0.03125
'ST ', ' ', 0.1234, 0.1234
'ST 07GA', '7GA', 0.1793, 0.1250
'ST 08GA', '8GA', 0.1644, 0.1250
'ST 09GA', '9GA', 0.1495, 0.1250
'ST 10GA', '10GA', 0.1345, 0.1250
'ST 11GA', '11GA', 0.1196, 0.03125
'ST 12GA', '12GA', 0.1046, 0.03125
'ST 14GA', '14GA', 0.0747, 0.03125
'ST 16GA', '16GA', 0.0598, 0.03125
'ST 18GA', '18GA', 0.0478, 0.03125
'ST 20GA', '20GA', 0.0359, 0.03125
'ST 22GA', '22GA', 0.0299, 0.03125
'ST 24GA', '24GA', 0.0239, 0.03125
'ST 26GA', '26GA', 0.0179, 0.03125
'ST 28GA', '28GA', 0.0149, 0.03125


I think you have to ask PTC Support to see if the requested functionality is implemented.

Martin Hanák
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