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STEP vs creo model


STEP vs creo model

Hi there,

I have a complicated creo model that i have built.

this model doe not require any changes any more (it's released and very stable).


I thought i would save the model as a STEP file (or IGES) and then import it back to my workspace.

obviously, i loose all the functionality of a creo, tree based, designed part (but i don't need that anymore).


what I AM TRYING to do is SAVE system resources.

does this make sense?

does regenerating step files require less system resources than generating the equivalent full creo parts?


*** i guess that for a single part the change might be tiny. however i am considering large scale and that's why i would like to acquire solid knowledge about this!




21-Topaz I

The short answer is maybe but there are options you should consider before doing this.


1) Save a version of the assembly with all features of all components set to read only, this will insure that you are never waiting for any of the components to regenerate (you can clear this if you ever need to edit the models)

2) Review simplified rep functionality if you are not familiar with it

3) Review shrink wrap functionality

4) Review the top down design tools for space claim skeletons

4) If you decide an export is the way to go save it as a Creo neutral file, not STEP or IGES to avoid most translation issues with geometry

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if your model contains very complicated geometry, it is very likely that incorrect geometry will result from export / import.

Please explain how do you want to use STEP model.

Martin Hanák



You can just make it into collapse geometry by using Model>Editing> Collapse

See if that can help



22-Sapphire I

Short answer is:  DON'T.  The headaches you'll have down the road are not worth the MINIMAL reduction in the use of "resources".  As mentioned, use simplified reps at the assembly level and LOD settings to save time.


There are companies that do this. I am aware that some folks in CAT use the collapse geometry function and then uses feature recognition when they need to modify the parts down the road.


You should consider simplified reps including envelope model substitutions before taking this path though.