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Slow Drawing Performance - WF4


Slow Drawing Performance - WF4

Dear Users,

I'm having some trouble with a drawing that has started behaving very
slowly. Earlier versions & combinations of the part & drawing file are
fine, you can add views within a few seconds & interact with existing
views & hatching perfectly fine, but then all of a sudden it slows right
down. The associated model hasn't changed much (other than any drawing
related changes such as tolerances etc.) It takes over a minute to do
any kind of view interaction - add a view, modify the x-hatching, change
the view style etc. Other parts are drawings that I'm currently working
on with the same or greater complexity are fine, it's just this one

Has anyone else resolved a similar issue? I've tried the usual
restarting Pro/E, restarting the PC etc, but no luck. The only
solution that works is to delete the last few saves of the drawing &
part to a point where it behaves itself. This is only a short term fix
because the problem starts again after a short period. (It's 3 steps
forward, 2 back!!)

Unfortunately PTC have failed to re-produce this issue with the files
I've sent so I'm not getting much joy there.

Any help & ideas greatly appreciated.



XP64 - WF4 64 - M160 - No Windchill

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Slow Drawing Performance - WF4

Hi Ian.
I think I remember a similar case (was back in WF2). What helped us, was
- create new drawing with same model
- add "slow drawing" as additional sheet (Insert, Shared Data, From File)
- Move all views, notes, etc. to (blank) sheet 1 (Edit, Move Item to Sheet)
- delete sheet 2 (should be empty except frame)
- rename new drawing to file name of "slow drawing"
- save.

Well this helped us back then, the drawing didn't show any weird behaviour afterwards, so maybe you're lucky and it works for you as well.


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