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Some obvious "ideas"


Some obvious "ideas"

Hi, everybody!


It's nothing to secret that Pro/E&Creo have a lot of strange moments in their interface, and i'm shure that's obvious disadvantages and they must to be fixed.

Perhaps, that some improvements impossible to make, because they are protected by patents of other cad software companies but i don't think so.


Category 1. Parts. Family tables. Parameters. Assemblies.Simulate.


1.1. If i have an assembly and i want to input a family table member in this assembly (and if family table of component have the second or more levels) and i accidentally made a mistake, i choosed wrong level of family table of component i already can't to return back, i have to cancel the process and once again repeat it. Everything that i want it jast an arrow to come back. It very sensitive when you tray to put fastener in assembly.

1.2. Often i want to see how does looks family tabel members in table without opening. And i have a pretty button - preview (looks like glasses), but every time i have to open and close the preview windows for every member of table.Why i can't only once open this window and just clicks on members that i need to see. I mean i want to have fast preview without closing the preview window.

1.3. When i creat a family table in assembly mode and i choose that i will change a component (and this component also have a family table) i don't see just a drop down list of members of this component when i want to change it (i only see *, Y, and N) and i have to go to istruments->change->family table member - it's too long way...

1.4. If i already have family table in part why i can't use this table in drawing, just ctr+c and ctr+v this table from model an put it on field of drawing and just hide columns and rows and add new (naming of columns and raws, for example) that i don't need (and of course this table has to be associative)..

1.5. It will be cool to making groups in parameters of model, because sometimes you have a lot of parameters in part and it annoying you, and also will be cool to have function of hide some parameters, that people don't need to see.

1.6. For changing material (mtl) of part now user have to click minimum 5 times (it' too long). Is that possible to keep material in a part tree (like sections, like material in simulate)?

1.7. Some "hot buttons" in assembly mode. For example ctrl+LMB on part in assembly and move it every side = input copy of this detail in assembly.

1.8. Now in a model tree in assembly mode i only can create a new sub-assembly from several parts, but why i can't to break an sub-assembly on just several parts (opposite process)?

1.9. I'm not shure but i didn't see that in creo simulate possible to see safety factor? It's very helpful and visually, please add it).

1.10. When i create a hole in diameter mode i have to choose 2 references - axis and plane and after i have to enter value that i need, but i can't to choose through the plane - i have to enter angle=0, and after i see this dimension on drawing but i don't need this one.


Category 2. Drafting.


2.1. Some times i have to make colorful sections with hatch for operation manuals (because it's look more prettily) and it impossible in Creo. when i add a section in drawing view, style of this view automatically changing - shading with edges changing to no hidden. Why? And even section type - zone dosen't help me, because in this type i can't to change hatch..

2.2. I don't understand why i can't to make additional views (from other view) with other scale?? Every time i need it and every time i have to trick:(

2.3. If i want to make drawing with family tables i have to add all of members of this table in drawing, and here is on disadvantage - i can't to add all of family members at the same time, just one click. I can't do it. I only need one button.

2.4. Sketching in drawing - i think everybody here already said a lot of words about disadvantages of drw sketch. Impossible just say to line will be horizontal or vertical (just choose a marker for example) and a lot a lot of other things. How i can to create simple scheme without these features (or just simle figure)? Shematics? it's also too unfriendly.

2.5. Creo layout. Now there's no dtl settings in creo layout. So, i can't use it for making easy 2D drawings because i can't to tune it to Russian standart...

2.6. I want to make Isometric views like diagonal projection views from main view - simplier than rotate on angle that you need or creating views in a model.

2.7. Tables. Excel functional is standard. Just copy it (if it possible). Changing width and height of columns and rown by mouse, automatically stretching of cells if the quantity of simbols more than width of cell an other..

2.8. Direct Input of JPEG files on field of drawing. Now it's possible only via Paitbrush.

2.9. In tolerances of form we don't have tolerance of intersection of the axes - look like X (GOST 2.308-79).

2.10. Hatching. It will be cool: i changed a hatch in one sections of view like i need, and after just copy of parameters of hatch (for changed components) (angle and step, ext.) and paste it on other view (and if it's possible to create it associative or not - how user want).

2.11. Often in assembly drawing we need to make references dimensions, but parts of assembly already have the same dimensions, but just little difference (we don't need tolerance for example), it will be cool to show this part dimension and just brake a link and correct in like you need, i think it will be faster than create a new dimension.

2.12. Showing dimension on a drawing. It will be cool to have buttons like - show dimensions only holes, or show dimensions only chamfers and ext. now we have only shaw just dimensions (we don't have a groups of feachers).


There is only little part that possible to improve, but, this list i think is have to be fix firstly. And i also think that it possible to realize even in datacodes, not in new release of Creo.

I sincerely hope, that PTC read our ideas and will be little near to the customers. Thanks. And i'm sorry for my English)

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A lot of good ideas in here, but I don't think PTC will look at them until they are parsed into separate ideas.


It was a cry from the heart) Now i realized that i have to post separate ideas.

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