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Swap local Schematics cache


Swap local Schematics cache

Would have as a local exchange where to save the information schematics (cahe) , today is in this location C:UsersAdministratorAppDataRoamingPTCCreoSchematics wanted to put to save in another Drive ?

21-Topaz II

Not clear if you are asking about schematic customization or a Windchill cache location.


All customizations to the user interface are saved in the <drive>:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\PTC\Creo\Schematics directory.


To facilitate administration and sharing of user interface information, an administrator can configure the application to retrieve customization settings from a central location. You define a UI customization file location by setting the environment variable UI_CUST_ADMIN_DIR. The variable must be set to include the path to the location. The path can be defined using the \\<machine_name>\shared_folder notation. The name of the customization file should be creo_schematics_admin_customization.ui. When the customization file includes custom command, the creo_schematics_shortcuts.dat file must be placed in that location. 



PTC Creo Schematics User Interface
When PTC Creo Schematics starts, customization settings are automatically applied
from <drive>:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\PTC\Creo\Schematics or
the working directory to various aspects of the user interface. The files in the working
directory follow:
• creo_schematics_user_customization.ui
• creo_schematics_defaults.bin
• creo_schematics_shortcuts.dat
• creo_schematics_config.dat
• creo_schematics_mapkey.dat

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