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Symbol inside Symbol


Symbol inside Symbol

Hello everybody

I use CREO4.

Is it possible to recall a symbol inside another symbol in the variable text TAB ? 

I'd like to select a custom symbol in the list of possible options available for a variable inside another symbol.

Thanks you 






Not as of now. 

Thank you 


Hey Paisan!


Actually, there IS:  That's what the "groups" in the symbol creation are for.  You can turn on and off certain sections when inserting the symbol.  for instance, my weld symbol comes in plain, and you add the group for left side tail, right side tail, butt weld symbol, bevel weld symbol, farside nearside etc.


It's a little wonky, and for REALLY complex symbols they geometry on top of one another can be a bit confusing, but it DOES work.


Best of luck!

Hey ! 

yes. you're right. In your example, it works.

But I have a Symbol that is composed by a long text; and inside the text I'd like to insert some other symbols.

Look at the picture as an example




As far as making groups, it does not have to be strictly text, it can be text and/or geometry, and can be quite involved.  Take a look at the attached symbol.


I know the symbol groups and Variable text quite well.

Consider that I have a VERY LONG text ( it's a typical general note in a drawing which covers half A3 format ) and inside this text , in some different positions I'd like to insert the symbol.

It's different from your example.

Thanks you again


'Morning Paisan!


Ah, well, best of luck then!

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