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The day CAD changed forever


The day CAD changed forever

Do you remember the first time you heard about parametric modeling? It was more than likely that you heard about PTC’s Pro/ENGINEER at the same time.

Today, PTC, the company that first innovated parametric and direct modeling, launched another breakthrough: CreoTM, a new family of design software.

Thousands of people from around the world heard about Creo today. PTC showed how this new technology could solve problems that have long plagued companies using CAD software. Specifically, difficulties with usability, interoperability, technology lock-in, and assembly management.

By removing these frustrations, Creo unlocks potential within any organization by unleashing creativity, facilitating teamwork, increasing efficiency, and ultimately bringing more value.

And PTC has launched a new web site devoted to helping you discover CreoTM, And it’s all here: Product-related information, discussions about today’s industry pains, opinions from press and industry influencers, and interviews with the people behind-the-scenes.

You’ll find daily updates, too. So visit the site regularly or, better yet, subscribe to the ever changing content.

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Did you attend the event? Leave us a comment, and let’s start the discussion—tell us what you think and help us as we redefine the mechanical CAD market.

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I will have to agree that today was a landmark day for the CAD Industry. I won't know for sure how the experience of CREO will be until I get my hands on it, but the ideas and examples presented during the Virtual Event where very impressive.

I am once again excited about CAD. I was getting very worried about PTC's lack of innovation and direction with Pro/ENGINEER and now I know why. CREO must have been in development for some time now and I can only imagine that many resources where focused on the future direction.

I hope CREO delivers on it's promise because if it does, it's going to be an exciting time for the CAD Industry.

Sorry for my ignorance. Is CreoTM the latest version of ProEngineer?

After using Solidworks for the last seven years I am slowly shifting towards ProEng, but will concentrate on the latest software if possible.



creo is the new family of design software that's made up of 3 elements.

  • Pro/ENGINEER, which is now Creo Elements/Pro
  • CoCreate, which is now Creo Elements/Direct and
  • ProductView, which is now Creo Elements/View

You can get the full skinny here. There was a rather elaborate event this morning in Boston, MA that unveiled Project Lightning as creo. I can share the link to the webcast reply when it's available.


Cheers Dan.

Look forward to it.


By the way Mike, it's great to see you over in this part of the community

By the way Mike, it's great to see you over in this part of the community

Cheers Dan. I have just requested a 30day trial of the new software. All I have to do now is to convince my company to purchase it.

I haven't really been in a position to post in this forum because I consider myself a beginner user of ProEng. I have found the change over from Solidworks and AutoCAD 3D modeling quite difficult. You tend to get in a mind set using one piece of software for so long.


Hopefully I will become more competent using PTC's modeling software and maybe contribute a little to this side.


Mike, here's the link to the Creo event replay -


This is why changing the name of Pro/ENGINEER has confused so many people and was a very bad decision by PTC in my opinion.

The question by Mike Armstrong was "Is Creo the latest version of Pro/ENGINEER?" The answer to that question is NO. Creo is a new design suite from PTC that runs on the same Kernel as Pro/ENGINEER and therefore it's 100% compatible with all Pro/ENGINEER files.

Your response is confusing because you say it's a new family of design software, but you mention all of the rebranded Pro/ENGINEER and Co-Create Products, which in reality are not Creo 1.0

Using the name Creo to rebrand the old products is a bad mistake. I have seen many Youtube videos claiming that it's a Creo demonstration and they are running Creo Elements/Pro 5, which is Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5 and not Creo.

This has many people confused because PTC is trying to release new design software that shares the name with the rebraded old design software that should have never been renamed.

Just my opinion based on many people who have asked me similar questions or were confused by the rebranding of something they used for many years.

Pro/ENGINEER should have kept it's name to make a clear distinction between it and the new design software PTC is trying to get everyone excited about. The confusion of rebranding something that has been around for 25 years should have been clear before the decision was made to do it.

I personally think that Creo 1.0 can loose some of it's excitement due to the confusion of the rebranding and you have people out there in Youtube creating videos of Creo when in fact they are videos of Pro/ENGINEER. Nobody is impressed when they think they are watching Creo in action when in reality they are not.