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Thread turning


Thread turning

Hi folks,

I admit I'm not much familiar with thread turning in Pro/NC. As we have a bunch of weird threads in our segment that most CAM systems can't deal with, so I never messed much with thread turning in Pro/NC...

However, I'm working on a new PP and I plan to have what Pro/NC can offer well deployed... but I'm not figuring out the thing with THREAD_FEED parameter and some other stuff...

In ISO cycles THREAD_FEED is the pitch (At least in the tape file) but in AI MACRO it's seems to behave different...

Can anybody help this poor guy to understand PTC's mess? I don't know why these guys love to complicate the simple...

I need to really understand how I can get the depth I want in the tape file, I mean: Let's suppose I have a O.D. thread Ø450 with a pitch of 5mm... I want the diameter at the bottom to be Ø440mm... but the "thing"decides that it should be Ø445.092 in the tape file...

THREAD_FEED is set to be 4mm

CLEAR_DIST is 5.0mm, that's why we get a X460. in the beginning...

INFEED_ANGLE in 30 degress...


If I sketch a turn profile in the O.D., where can I inform the depth is 5mm (Or 10mm diametrically)? I noticed in General type I can do it, but THREAD_FEED still interfering in the result, and I still not sure about what CUT_FEED does as it is a mandatory parameter...

I'm definetely lost on this one... two possibilities here: is too simple and I'm a stupid or the inverse...

Any help is greatly appreciated,


Daniel Santos - CAM Support

GE Oil&Gas

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Did you ever get the threading figured out. I have done a lot of that. Give me a call.


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