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Turn off Publish Geometry in drawings


Turn off Publish Geometry in drawings

I'm just getting started learning about how to use publish geometry, and would like to know if it's possible to turn off Publish Geometry features in drawing modes.

One of the reasons we're looking at using Publish Geometry is to have components of the upper level assembly display in a drawing view, yet not show in the BOM. I need to show the context of the installation without having a BOM reference (or mass properties calculation).

I was trying to do this earlier with simplified reps, but I think I figured out that if the component is referenced by the simplified rep as being master, then setting it to geometry only or graphics doesn't help me because the item still shows up in the BOM.

Using a nut and bolt assembled on a piece of sheet metal as an example, here's what I want to do.

1. Have the nut and bolt only on the BOM

2. Have the nut and bolt only used in the calculation for mass.

3. Have the nut and bolt show as solid, and the sheet metal as phantom on view #1.

4. Have the nut and bolt show as solid and the sheet metal not show on view #2.

So far, if I use a copy geometry feature, from a publish geometry source, I am unable to get the sheetmetal to turn off in view #2.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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I am not sure if this will fix your issue, but I recently had an issue myself with not being able to turn off quilts in a drawing. I found this online, through the knowledge base, and it worked. Try looking up TPI 102781 and see if this works for you.


Is your BOM a repeat region table? Why can't you filter the unwanted components out of your BOM?

Not sure if this question is to me or the original message, but we do not use repeat regions in our BOM's where I work.


i think it will be much easier for your bolts sample.

in the assembly drawing, choose view\drawingdisplay\componentdisplay, choose style for view one , and sheetmetal with phantomopque, choose blank for view2 and sheetmetal . you got the desired views.

as for the mass , use repeat region and fillter the sheet metal and use sum fuction to get the mass in the region.

How are you creating BOMs without repeat regions? That sounds so manual intensive and a headache??

Really, repeat region and filter table to remove the items.

Alternatively, have a dummy assembly that shows the items and add this assembly to the drawing (you can have many models to one drawing) and use this for pictoral representation.

The published geometry is a messy way to do things, considering it's a lot of surface patches and maintaining that over its legacy is not worth the potentional administration hassle.