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WF5 help topic collection (PDF)


WF5 help topic collection (PDF)

Does anyone know where to the find the WF5 help topic
collection (PDF version of PROE's help)? I checked
and I cannot locate them. I have the pdfs for WF3 & 4 and that where I found them before.

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I don't think there is one for WF5.

If I use the support and go to Home > Support

and search for Help Topic Collections for WF5, the search returns no

Interestingly, If I search for reference guide this is also not

Looking at 'Available Wildfire Documentation' there is no option to
order the help topics collection.

My best guess is that they don't exist for WF5. You have to use the WF4

Christopher F. Gosnell

FPD Company

124 Hidden Valley Road

McMurray, PA 15317

You can maybe install Apache Tomcat and Apache Webserver on a machine and install the web deployed version of it... then you won't have the Pro/E Help Center running as an app on your tray and can access it from any machine in the company through IE.

That's what I did.

Please let me knowif I can be of any help,


Daniel Santos - CAM Support


Matt....I brought this up at the User Conference back in June. The WF5 Help Topics do not exist in pdf like previous releases and as of then there was no intention to create them. My opinion, from what I gathered, the small number ofdownloads of these files for the past releases did not warrant the efforts to continue tomake them into pdf.

Regards, Jim

While I attended this year PTC/User conference in Orlando, I meet with the
PTC University team and with the Product Director of Education Systems' Mr.
Gordon Klein.

With the PTC team I learned about the new way to access help topics using
the LearningConnector.

A new application called the LearningConnector (no space in between words)
allows you to access the help topics in Wildfire 5.

Quote from PTC:

"Starting in Pro/ENGINEER with just a point and click on your desktop you
can seamlessly access your software eLearning Libraries and PTC Knowledge
Base to find exactly the information you need.

That's the power of the PTC LearningConnector, free learning application for
both Pro/ENGINEER and Windchill users.
This new application can be mapped directly to any personally configured
eLearning libraries and allows you to:

Access topics directly from your interface

Leverage comprehensive eLearning and Knowledge Base content

Search for the most current eLearning for the latest product releases"

Here's the PTC link where you can download the application for free
21-Topaz I

But that is only if you have an eLearning account, no?

Steve G

I looked at the page on the dynamic help for WF5, et al.

One of the difficulties with dynamic help systems is difficult in
finding what you are not looking for and don't already know. By
definition, there is no static structure to work with.

Because it is dynamic, previously viewed items are indistinguishable
from new or altered items.
Also, because it is dynamic, there is no stopping-off point, so no maps
of explored regions are possible.

This makes it unlikely new features or functions will be found.

It is better to have a static document core with time-noted/time
search-able links to dynamic content. The static part presents topics
according to how the software was intended to be used, with the links to
changes and additions. Being time search-able is a key element, so that
one can easily see items added or altered after the last visit.

While I understand costs are involved in creating a usable manual, it is
costly to software users if they don't have a place they can find
information that is new to them. With books, there are bookmarks; one
can skim chapters that are presently useless, but may find application
in the future; one can add meaningful annotation.

Dynamic documents can be a good reference, but they are not as good a
way to communicate what must have gone through selection committees,
design concept reviews, code reviews, software and user lab testing on
the way to the end user. At some time there were presentations that
showed what function they wanted to do and how it was to be done. A copy
of those, together with an index, would be a good document basis.

Another difficulty with dynamic help? How do you learn in advance of
installing it how to use the software?

The opposing case is that few users read the manuals anyway; choosing
hunting and pecking to figure out how to use the software, and losing
design time.

Dave S.

I totally agree.

Plus you can't easily print out a section of the manual to take with you to read during lunch time. I do that all the time now.

On line help is a navigation nightmare.

David Haigh
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