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Watermark or Stamp on drawing by putting Text on the Format.


Watermark or Stamp on drawing by putting Text on the Format.

I've been searching for a solution to putting a large, diagonal watermark(or stamp) that says Preliminary. My goal was to have it behind my geometry. When I put the Text in the drawing, it works fine with the other text fields, but it covers the part. I wanted a way to "send to back" like in PowerPoint.


The solution I used was to put the large text diagonally on the Format. Now, when I use my Preliminary Format, I have a stamp BEHIND my geometry.


Sorry if this has been covered previously, I couldn't find it Smiley Very Happy








For watermarks on PDF's, look at for a method.




Dan N.

Hi Dan,

I was looking for a solution that didn't involve IT. I might be able to get them to install that for me, but I try not to push it unless it is absolutely necessary.

Thanks for the information.



5-Regular Member

I am trying to do a similar watermark on the drawing. Management wants the watermark to be automatically added to the drawing and to be driven off of the lifecycle state but to display a different word.  We have already display the lifecycle state in the boarder but they want something larger on the drawing.  Looking for any recommendations or solutions that worked for others. 

23-Emerald II

Adding watermarks would likely be MUCH easier via PDF than in Creo.

Within creo, maybe you could use a font that is not filled, so it shows the outline of PRELIMINARY but you can still your drawing. You make that part of a parameter if you wanted to so it could be turned off/on based on released status. The color of the text could possibly be a line weight that was printed thinner to give the watermark illusion.

Hi Stephen,

It was a little tricky since I don't have any PDF editing options. That was why I posted the solution to my problem, in case others without PDF editors might benefit.

If you put the text on the Format ( I used a yellow filled ), it is BEHIND the geometry and does exactly what I was looking for.

To remove it, one must have access to the cad file and know how to change borders.

(Or use photo editing software 🙂

So, now the process for putting a "Preliminary" stamp on the drawing is as easy as switching a format.


I haven't found a hollow font to use, maybe that should have been a search...



We had a similar requirement and I have implemented watermark on drawing template using Drawing Program. The program add a note only when the state of the drawing is in design. When the state is set to any released state, it will automatically be hidden and next time when the drawing is revised to design the note appears and this works perfectly fine.

Adding this functionality to the format will not work since the format gets copied into the drawing and will be independent after that.

That sounds very interesting. What type of font did you use?

Maybe my issue was the font or style. I'm wondering if I should be looking for a different font.



We placed a symbol embedded into a note (PRELIMINARY) just above the title block without overlapping on the drawing entities.


Could you please share an example of Drawing program with conditions to put a note?



Michael Likov

I have created a state called "Preliminary" that places a note at a specific location.

Then I write the below program to enable or disable the note:



With this program, the note will be displayed only when the state of the drawing is design. For all other states, this note will be erased from view.


Refer to attached video.