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[network] - Roller Chain Free Download

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[network] - Roller Chain Free Download

Hope everyone does not mind I am duplicating this to the ProE group (from

Thank you

untitled.1167.jpg roller_chain_pm.jpg


I recently had the opportunity to help develop a roller chain and wanted to
share it. The goal was to assist with education and engineering initiatives
such as FIRST which is supported by PTC. The result of this effort is
posted on the Mobius Innovation & Development, Inc site (

. It is based on standard pitch sizes (mm & inch) for roller chains.
See instructions or video for sp...


There is also a video illustrating how to use it (you will need to
"expand/full screen" the video to watch it)


P.S. if you want to see something really fun. Build a simple composite
curve similar to the one shown in the picture above. Add the roller chain
UDF (building the chain). Then dynamically edit the curve and watch the
analytical and geometric data update as you drag the size.

Tim McLellan
Mobius Innovation and Development, Inc.
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