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new part number


new part number



When we create a new part, Creo provides default part number in a sequence. For example, first part is prt0001.prt and next is prt0002.prt. Can we configure this? Does this allow to have prt0001.prt , prt0011.prt and prt0021.prt and so on? Additionally, Can I change the first number as well?


This is not a Windchill connected Creo session? Is it possible to have default number with Windchill connected session as well?


Let me know if query is not clear.






Not an option for standalone Creo. It is possible with Windchill.  

The Windchill functionality needs some significant improvement: Autonumbering in Creo Parametric - Don't Consume Number Unless Needed

I was having a rough idea that standalone Creo does not allow to configure custom auto numbering. But folks from CATIA and Solid edge told that they do have. So I wanted to double check for Creo.

That is not an option for standalone Creo. There is nothing in the configuration files that would allow customized default part numbering.

Without some sort of DB to record the last number used, it would be very hard to implement. Don't CATIA and SW use a database behind the scene for some elementary data management, which is where the numbering would be stored.


What version of CATIA? I thought you pretty much couldn't have CATIA without Enovia or 3DExperience since v5.

Dave Martin - -

Yup, you are right, they need a database, like enovia or 3d Experience. Disconnected to those. Is really bad autonumbering. Part1, Part2...


But in Creo, it could be a way of autonumbering according to a rule defined by user, and according with the file name of the parent assembly or similar. In my opinion it would be a great enhancement.

Possible with 3rd party application, which typically allow multiple numbering based on part type etc.


Sample application 

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