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"Show boundary in detailed view" not working


"Show boundary in detailed view" not working

Anyone working today?

Wildfire 4.0 m120 64bit

Creating assemblies & detailing them all weekend. I've got a section view
that I require a couple detail views of. On various drawings there is
nearly the exact same detail views. Suddenly my two detail views on this
particular drawing show no boundaries. Yes, the "Show boundary in detailed
view" in the view UI is checked.

This happened after I changed the section view from a "broken view" back to
a "full view" (necessary page size change negated the need for the broken
view). See attached pics, what I want is the pic titled yes_boundary.jpg.

Yes, this seems trivial, but this drawing will be different than all the
others & I do not like that. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Joe S.

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Hello, this is old thread, but the same behavior I can confirm in in creo 3.

I switched broken view back to full view. The detailed views created at the position of one of the broken views parts haven't boundary (). The detailed views created at the position of others broken view parts have boundary....

may be a bug?


5-Regular Member

Trying to reproduce this (I do not see any SPRs on the topic), I can see the missing boundary after changing the parent to full view, and this is cleaned up by either Save/Erase/Retrieve, or by changing the parent from full view to partial view and back to full view..  I can fix this up, but I wonder based on the above posts if anyone is seeing something more serious (where the issue does not resolve itself, but instead persists).  If that's the case, please report it.  Otherwise, look to Creo 3 M070 for the fix.