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Hi all,

I feel like I asked this before, but I guess my brain is too old to

In Creo2, sometimes I can double click a component and the feature in that
part will show its dimensions and I can modify right there on the fly.
Then, when I try it again, I don't get that behavior and I have to RMB >
Activate the component and then double click.

Is there a known workflow that allows one to modify component level features
in an assembly - WITHOUT activating the part?

I would think the SMART filter would allow me to select the component then
double click the feature to modify it - or single click the geometry (e.g. -
to select a surf or edge) I guess I am not that smart.

Any hints here?



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> Pro/E Gurus,

I have been a bit curious about the best practice or method for creating a spiral staircase. As far as I know Creo doesn't have a helical pattern feature. I imagine that this could be done by using some kind of relation like trajpar.

Does anyone have any ideas about this?

Create a feature using embedded datums (1 with the angular and 1 with the vertical dimensions).

You can then create a pattern along 2 dimensions.

Hi Michael,
I'm not sure if this is best practice but I would have used this approach:
- Create a helical datum curve that is the central core of the spiral
- Put a datum point on the curve
- Create horizontal and radial datum planes off the point.
- Model the stair tread referencing the above planes
- Group everything and pattern upwards based on the position of the datum

You possible may need some other construction surfaces to get what you

Does this make sense?

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There are a couple of videos on YouTube that show what you want to do - here's a link to the first one

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22-Sapphire III

Well at least I am not the only one who has that problem. I don't know why it does what it does or how to fix it but my work-around is to double click on a part feature that will show the dimension and then, while those dimensions are showing, double click on the other parts feature that doesn't show them and they will show and can be modified.

I notice that when I do that, the smart filter changes to all, maybe that's a clue. If you change the filter to "feature", it will edit the features just fine.



Keep it Simple.


I will play more with the filter. Hopefully the answer is there...

Thanks for your response.


So, I learned from this post that the filter does allow for some consistency
when selecting. Changing the filter to "feature" allows for a double click
in the assy to show that features dims for direct editing. So, I recreated
my mapkeys from WF days to change the selection filter. Now I "ff" to set
the filter to feature and then double click away... "fc" is filter component
(part) to allow a double click to edit the distance... etc.

I did not learn the explicit workflow of the Smart filter, but at least I am

Thanks a lot!



Mike B.,

Where is the second video?

Mike L.


That’s a very simple video – and well done. The audio didn’t come over very well on my laptop though.


Mike Locascio