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text repetition


text repetition

Hi, I need to model a kind of rule with dimensions engraved.

So, a basic repetition can extrude graduations (@ each centimeter, for example).

However, is it possible to repeat a text ?

ie 01, 02, 03...19, 20

Can this text be drive by repetition ?

If not, I should extrude 20 texts and manually enter values. 



Yes it is possible, example Creo 4 part enclosed for review.


If you are using a pattern to control the hash marks in the model then you should be able to use a relation to generate the text associated with each pattern member that has text attached. It will take me a lot of words to go through it so hopefully you can reverse engineer it from the example model. Pay attention to the feature names for some guidance. 


This example is not the only way to do it but it is pretty straight forward and seems to be robust. With this method it will increment your hash text based on a feature relation that was created in "PNT7" this feature exists only to define the feature relation that will be used to increment the text values in the pattern. The group pattern of type dimension controls the hash spacing.


You can not start at zero using this relation as it strips all leading/trailing zeros from the parameter value. So you will see increments every 10 mm as it regenerates. To see how it works, change the linear dimension for "pnt_hash_marks" (feature #12) to 3 for example and regen the model you should see the text update. See the video for details.


The key point is to use the parameter defined in the feature relation of "PNT7" for each text value in the pattern.


Feature parameter is driving the incremented textFeature parameter is driving the incremented text



Thanks a lot.
Seems to be fine and exactly what I wanted to do.

Unfortunately, I'm just on Creo3, right now.

Didn't renewed maintenance yet...
So, I'll try to reproduce this ?

Perhaps it's possible...
Thanks 🙂 


It should be exactly the same in Creo 3.


This is the feature relation used in PNT7 to define the string used for text.





The measure feature is the distance from the rule origin (Csys) to the PNT_HASH_MARKS. This point is the first increment of a hash location.


Here is a shot of the model tree to help. This group is patterned and will create the incremented text and hash mark below the text.

Model tree referenceModel tree reference