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tolerance limits addition issue


tolerance limits addition issue


Can somebody advise me how to add tolerance limits to several dimensions in either drawing or a repeat region?

see folowing pics:




Can you share the related files?

Your table is going to get crowded quickly if that is where they need to be added.

Tomas, I have been trying to get your request to work and I really don't like the limitations for family tables and repeat regions. I can have it "look" good but then I loose associatively.

Once I give a dimension a new symbol (A - for instance), I cannot seem to extract the TP and TM values for their own column because the "A" is now attached to the TP and TM values.

I just learned that Pro/E, WF, Creo cannot superscript/subscript variables, which leaves out properly, or cleanly formatted PlusMinus dimension tolerances or even limit dimensions.

So what I have is many repeat regions in the table with a column next to the dimension that has the text entered to represent the tolerance:



With formatting the text style justifying the text in the value column to the right, and the tolerance column to the left, it all looks good once you erase the line between the two.

Of course, now you also have to be very careful about sorting the independent regions.


There are other ways, or course, but they are all manual or very much non-associative. Funny how you can make a normal table with a dimension symbol, and it shows exactly as you see it on the face of the drawing. But this is not the case when you make it a repeat region.

Welcome to the forum.

Thanx for your reply. Since it is true that the table becomes too crowded I think the best solution will be as following:


Not sure what version you have but with Creo 2.0, you can show just the tolerance. The dimension could show as "A" still.

Wow, this is like pulling teeth! Okay, this should work with every version.

You can replace the dim text (@O) with the following string (it will format itself)

...and add the brackets separately by changing the text height to about 2.5x the normal text height. You can change the width to manage the gap between the brackets.

This looks better than any default condition that can be applied, even with Creo 2.0.


One more question regarding this issue:

I found that maybe it would be better to use a function "tolerance only" in the anotation properties (as shown below) instead to write the string.


but by default this can be done only at manualy added anotation, not with using "show model anotation":


Would it be possible to tick the "tolerance only" also for automatic anotations? maybe somewhere in config....

Somehow I assumed you were using a WF version due to the color scheme. Yes, with the tolerance only and a prefixed "symbol" (Y@D), and you click the Properties>Dual Dimension>"To Right" to have it look better.

Logically it would not make sense to have a driving dimension only show the tolerance. One would normally show the symbol instead so you could change the @D to @S so the driving dimension "name" shows up. But alas, if you show the symbol, the tolerance doesn't show up. There is definitely room for improvement in this regard.

Has anyone tried using the tolerance values directly from the dimension? &tpm &tm#, &tp#?

I haven't tried adding a dimension with tolerances to a repeat region but I'd assume it was possible. If not, perhaps you can just use the system parameters for tolerancing to achieve the desired effect without faking it.

I am a bit tied up tomorrow... I have an exam and a bunch of programming work to turn in. Tomorrow evening I may be able to devote some time to looking into this. In the meantime maybe someone else is feeling industrious and wants to give it a shot?



Brian, yes, you can do this, but you cannot format the upper/lower limit one above the other due to the incompatibility of the superscript/subscript limitation. They would have to be separate columns. I have not found found a way to actually present the dimension the same format as it is presented on the page. This would be a great feature however.

Hmmm... that seems odd to me. You'd have thought that by now someone would have requested this and it would already work.

I'll have to take a look. Sounds like an enhancement request at best.

True. This one the support tech got back to me on within a few hours.

did some one found the solution for this my product's dimension and respective tolerance over the dimension are get changed as material changes......i want to put dimension and tolerance in same column of family table...plz help

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