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Creo Illustrate vs Lattice 3D for Assemvbly Intructions


Creo Illustrate vs Lattice 3D for Assemvbly Intructions


What are your experiences with regards to creating 3D (and 2D) assembly instructions?

We are looking for a way to create CAD driven assembly instructions in clearly defined steps.

Here internally I have a Lattice3D fan who is really pushing forward with it.
My gut feeling tells me we should go for Creo Illustrate considering we will be on Windchill PDMLink one day.
But the demo he has seen so far did not impress him.

Does anybody have a list of the pros and cons of Creo illustrate versus Lattice3D?

Lattice3D adverts with their highly compressed XVL format.
How does that compare to the compressed ProductView format?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Olaf Corten

Olaf Corten | CAD/PLM Manager

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I am just starting to look at Creo Illustrate myself. Currently we take PDF output and read that into Corel and create the documentation there. It is a bit clunky but works. I will have to look up Lattice3D and see what it does.

Thanks for the posting. I will let you know if I find anything interesting.

Ronald B. Grabau
Roseville, CA