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Creo View Drawing Compare


Creo View Drawing Compare

Creo View Drawing Compare.. seems like we took something that should be easy and made it very hard. Why can't I find the drawing I want to compare two seperate revisions or iterations of that I find on the details page with the history tab, select the two objects and choose open in CREO VIEW. Then In Creo View I should be able to do something as easy as select the two and pick a compare action.

What is the deal with adding to clipboard "and you cannot add them both from the history tab, it claims it adds them but it dosn't". You have to go to each of the objects detail page in order to have the drawings show up on the clip board. Now you have to go to the clipboard and select both objects and choose to open in Creo view.

Once you get the objects in Creo.. not very intuitive regarding the compare option or getting the overlay of the two drawings....



you should create an idea. I'll will vote for ...



You can bring your idea here in "Ideas":


Could you please elaborate the process?

I could not able to compare the both revisions of the drawing.

If you give details step that would be appreciated..


From the history table, select 2 versions of the drawing and add them to the clipboard

Then go to clipboard, select the 2 versions and open in Creo View

In Creo View you cans now use the compare tool to superpose the 2 drawings ...

Gregory, If only it were that easy..

Yes may be I have missed some clicks in Creo View

No.. it is such a powerful tool .. after all these years I would have thought that it would have evolved to be much easier to use. You should be able to go to the details page of an object.. Look at the history tab choose any two revisons and simply select them both and do an "actions" .. "COMPARE". This would launch Creo View an automaticlly set the 2 drawings up for overlay....

It should be possible ....It does exists for CADDocument 3D content....

"Compare Content" , little button in the history tab (only from embeded Workspace) that looks like a zip folder

Open the 2 Versions of a native CAD part or assembly, in a common CAD session.

in Catia V5, in the same window to be able to use native DMU tools

in Creo, in different windows, with a comparator table which allow to highlight difference in 3D view ...

Carl, a usual...:-) to start from the Clipboard click Add and search for the drawing. From here you can add two seperate revisions or iterations at the same time.

Note, I agree, it should be possible from the history tab and this is the most obvious place. The Compare information is pretty default I can see that the file size changed from 300 kB to 400 kB..

If you have the time though please submit the idea and I will vote for it.

It would be nice to compare drawings, parts, assemblies from the history table. I've got each of my WC tabs to show the visualization on top which makes it nice to visually see changes and aquire quick access to Creo View. It is a non-value added step to go to the clipboard to get both versions loaded into Creo View for comparison.


Could you please send me Presentation slides for How to use drawing compare Option on my email id - please. i have tried lots but able to getting use this option.

Cari, I have tried options as you suggested, but I’m not able to view the drawings in single window, can we compare the drawings in CREO VIEW LITE?

If yes do I need to change any settings…?

In CREO VIEW LITE most options showing but they are not in active…Please help how to solve it..

Creo View Lite does not support comparison of 2D Drawings. Please try with Creo View MCAD.

If you can stand to export them as PDF, use Adobe Photoshop (PS) /Photoshop Elements (PSE) to overlay them. The result can be saved as a multi-layer pdf with markups. Tools within PS make it easy to nudge moved views, check views that are moved to other sheets, and find even single character changes in notes. I've remarked on the method on this site, if you care to search for it.

Since it works with anything available in a PDF or bitmap, it can be used to compare scanned drawings to CAD generated ones.

I've tried GIMP for this purpose, but GIMP is slow enough that the price of PSE is more than worthwhile.

Creo View MCAD may work for this, though I haven't seen any vector based markups handle views and other objects that can move on a page or to other pages. If comparing is all you need, Creo View MCAD looks like a steamshovel for digging a flower bed. Obviously it is much more capable for non-comparison purposes.


Bottom line... great consept extremly poor execution. This is why the tool is not widely adopted and the many many enginers I pushed to use this functionality stopped because they forget how....