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Differences between visualization software's.


Differences between visualization software's.

Can anyone differntiate the various visuilization software tools available in creo ,.

I want to know the difference between Creo Animator view, PTC Division and creo illustrate.

These three seeems almost same to me. Can someone tell me the variations of these three in capabilites and cost wise.






Hi DInesh ,

Thanks for the reply.. However..

I already read the above stuff..

What i am looking is which module will be useful to which people.. What are the Pros and Cons of each stuff and comparison between them .

You will have to touch base with PTC sales in that case

Can u know anyone in this forum , who will help me in this regard.. I am very new to this site.



You can find and contact with PTC's VAR (Value Added Reseller) from your region here:

Hi Murali...

I'll assume you mean Creo View (with Animation), Division, and Creo Illustrate.

Division is an older, legacy product. Truly, you can ignore it.

Creo Illustrate contains many of the aspects of Creo View including the ability to create animations. The goal is Creo Illustrate is for you to be able to use your 3D CAD data from Creo and/or other software packages to create technical documents. You can leverage the tool for a host of functions but if you're merely looking for visualization and animation, this is overkill.

Creo View is where you want to focus your attention. Creo View has a ton of options that go beyond what I can cover in a brief response. But basically Creo View can create very nice, FAST animations. With the additional "Massive Assembly Option" it can handle really large data sets with ease. It also provides the ability to perform almost effortless cross sectioning, transparency, hide/unhide, bill of material, and digital mockup functions.

Go to the link HERE for a whole list of demonstrations of Creo View and it's various capabilities. If you spend an hour or so watching these demos, you'll understand what Creo View can do.

It's very impressive. Forget Division... and forget Illustrate unless you're creating technical documents. Focus your attention on the fairly awesome capabilities of Creo View and you'll be on the right track.

There are a host of add-ons and licensing for Creo View is tricky. I will have to refer you to the PTC sales reps for cost data... but most of the add-on components are very reasonable. There's a free Creo View Express application which allows you to view anything created in Creo View (like animations) but you'll need the full licenses of Creo View to create them.

Please write back if this isn't enough to get you going!



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