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Has anyone setup Illustrate in Windchill?


Has anyone setup Illustrate in Windchill?

I need to add Creo Illustrate to my existing Windchill system but I cannot find any documentation to talk me through it. Does anyone have some documentation I can access or is there some on PTC site?  Or is this a project for a 3rd party?  Any assistance is appreciated. Thank you.



maybe you can start at page and look for:


In result list you can find ... PTC Windchill Workgroup Manager for Creo Illustrate Administrator's and User's Guide  - English

URL of this guide is

Note: I know that this exists, only. I have never used it and I do not have any experience with Creo Illustrate + Windchill.


Martin Hanák


You need a few parts to get it installed / configured.

As Martin said, you need WWGM.

But you also need the Illustrate WWGM Illustrate licensing which you should be able to get from your Account Rep.

You also need to configure visualization Post Publishing to create GDD CAD documents with the PVZ.  You can find info on that in this doc

In the section labeled "Creating Arbortext Documents from CAD Documents"



Creo Illustrate 4.1 F000 you can have a direct connection to Windchill w/o the need of a Windchill Workgroup Manager. We are currently pursuing this option since all the preferences including Windchill and license server can be rolled out in the admins_pref file with the installation to our users.

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