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Improve Creo 3


Improve Creo 3

Improve Creo

Every new Pro-E/Creo release was worse than existing one. Creo 3 is worse than Creo 2. I will present just several observations:

1. All command icons are pale, harder to see.

2. Many changes are made just for sake of chamges. Typical example is edit definition, instead of text now there is a icon. This is really big change, but I dont know why?

3. Creo persistantly changes dimension on its own in sketch mode. You save sketch re-open it and dimension is changed by Creo. Dimensions are created by Creo in weird way, not enginering way.

4. Colors are horrible and do not match at all.

5. Scroling in work space is erratic not continous and smooth

6. Is it possible to calm down that zoom jumping all over the screen.

7. When you select file in work space and want to o it again searching for another file is it possible to go back to last selected file?

8. When you open constrains window that window completely covers three default part planes (Top, side and front) you can't select these planes to put constrains. Creo 2 did not cover first letter but Creo 3 does cover completely.

10. Creo 2 displayed all ocnstrains in window Creo 3 displays only 3, you must scroll down to select additional constrains. This results in hundreds of new mouse clicking.

11. New printing is a mess

12. Selecting and highlightning parts in assembly is more difficult than in Creo 2 that was already pretty bad.

13. Some dimensions are displayed with 3 and some with 3 decimals

14. It is very bad idea to have diferent C# for drawing and part. In Pro-E when you cerate drawing it automaticaly takes C # of the part. This is horrible mistake creating two diferent C #.

15. Try to pick dimension inside part it is almost impossible.

17. All our flexible parts as springs and bellows are " exploding" when you isert them to assembly. These are the same part that we used in Creo 2 and did not have these problems. These parts lose constrains when you open assembly that was sucessfule saved and checked in.

All in all it appears to me that you have people in charge to make Creo more user unfriendly, you are changing just to cange to be able to force us to take trainings and pay for this. Every new release just re-shufle everything withou any common sense just to be able to name it new release.

I am Pro-E/Creo used for more that 10 years.

Thanks Zlatko Salihbegovic


Although there are real problems with Creo2, I disagree with your premise.  I would not go back to a previous version, not even WF4 (which would be my next choice), because Creo2 gave some real improvements that once you learn them make many things easier (command search, replacing unrelated components using reference table, video tutorials).  Biggest issues I have is with what they did to working on drawings (no more show all dims, tab requirement for selecting).

The command search would improve every program and I think is the greatest software usability improvement since tabbed browsing!

I agree the default color scheme is awful!  Just use the dark scheme and it will be similar to WF4, and then you can tweak it.

"When you reward an activity, you get more of it!"

Just a couple of comments on some of your points:

@2: I don't know the reason for changing text to icons but decided I prefer it that way, especially when it comes to train in Creo people who don't know English (we still have quite a lot of customers who are put off when they hear that Creo isn't localized in our language) - it's easier to remember an icon and it's shape instead of some string of characters that don't tell you much (think of using Creo in German or French but knowing only English).

@8: I've just checked and by default Placement tab doesn't cover all of the Model Tree and I'm able to partially see planes' names. Also you can simply drag the tab into more fitting position:


@14: Out of curiosity, what do you mean by C#? The only thing I can come up with right now is part/drawing name, which were never the same by default in ProE or Creo.

@8: Ouuuw! I like that the placement can now be moved in Creo3, and that it remembers it going back into the dialog after completing!  That was my biggest problem with being at the top in Creo2 is that it blocked the top of the model tree!  Thanks for pointing out that improvement over Creo2!

"When you reward an activity, you get more of it!"

Is Creo 3 still tab driven, like Creo 2, or did they fix it so selecting an element automatically selects the correct tab?

@8: It takes some getting used to, but I position my model tree on the right.


This way the model tree is never covered by anything other than some rogue legacy double-stacked menus.

Also, I made quick access toolbars in every mode that have the same buttons, so they never change position from mode to mode.  The Layers and Find tooI are positioned so they are never covered by the placement menu either.  I almost never have to use the awful ribbon.

The 2 biggest improvements that PTC could do to dramatically improve the ribbon interface are:

  1. In drawing mode, Allow selection of any object regardless of what tab is selected.
  2. Provide an old school toolbar where placement is completely customizable, AND the locations of the icons in that toolbar are as customizable as a ribbon tab.  Actually, allowing a customizable tab to be detached and put on another location which is resizable and does not hide.

I think doing both of these things would alleviate 95.2% of peoples frustrations with Creo (as compared to WF2) while also dramatically increasing how fast work gets done.  maybe I should submit this as an product idea...

"When you reward an activity, you get more of it!"

We just switched to C3P and one of the biggest annoyances so far is @2, so I created an idea for it:

Enable rmb menu text

Still tab driven >.<

😞  Why won't they just let us click on stuff?  is that so wrong?

"When you reward an activity, you get more of it!"

My sentiments exactly.  Don't try to figure out what I want to do or limit me based on my previous task; I'll tell you what I want to do and when.

How about we try the political route: PTC is discriminating against tabs.  PTC is dictating that one tab doesn't have rights to select contents from another tab.  Equal Tab Rights and Equal Tab opportunities for equal selection!  Just let us select it!

"When you reward an activity, you get more of it!"