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Items in more than 1 sBOM entry?


Items in more than 1 sBOM entry?

I'm trying to create a set of Service Kits in the sBOM. The problem is that some of the parts (and assemblies) listed in the eBOM are used in more than 1 Service Kit.

Is there a way to deal with this?

Thanks in advance,

Tom Burton


Hi I Tom have asked the same question few months ago without any answer!

As workaround, I have used several versions of my creo file to build kits using same parts and to do not modify S-BOM to change kit attachment of shared parts each time I want to create a view of those kits.

I hope PTC will think to this kind of need in Creo Illustrate feature developpement.



Actually, I have found a solution; though it has a major caveat.

I had created my s-BOM with several service Kits. These kits included various parts and assemblied.

One of the Kits included a particular assembly, along with other assemblies and parts.

In the Tools panel, I opened Edit Structure. In the e-BOM, I found the particular assembly noted above. Here's the caveat: the assembly in the e-BOM must have the exact same name/number, all the way down to the "dash number revision". If it does, the assembly can simply be dragged from the e-BOM to another Kit in the s-BOM. That's all there is. It works as expected in both Kits (you may need to pay attention to hiding/unhiding it in the two instances.

Here's where the caveat really comes in: If the assembly in the e-BOM is not the exact same name/number and dash number revision, all bets are off! (I know that the higher dash number revision should have replaced the lower one in the s-BOM, but it didn't!). I couldn't get it to be visible in both kits!

I guess it could be dealt with by deleting the lower number item from the s-BOM, and then dragging the e-BOM item to the two locations, but I haven't tried that!



Now I'm not sure about the "solution" above! I couldn't duplicate it today!

Creo Illustrate does not yet have the ability to illustrate 'kits', and also cannot duplicate parts in the sBOM.

These are both requirements we are aware of and they are on the roadmap for Creo Illustrate, although we do not yet have a date/release when these will be available.

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