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creating variable radius round


creating variable radius round

Good Morning Everyone,


Has anyone else here created a variable radius round, where you have a few different areas that you need to add and modify, and you spend forever and a day trying to drag the little circles around the intent edge to get it where you want it? Wouldn't it be much easier (and intuitive) if after right clicking on the chain to make it a variable radius, that you can just right click anywhere on the chain and add a radius? You can right click on the handle of an existing radius to add another one, but it never goes anywhere near where I want it and I wind up dragging (and waiting for the display to update with the spinning glow ring).


Just adding the "Add Radius" option to the right button menu while clicking along the chain would save so much time. You can already to this for splines, so why not a variable radius, right?


Or am I completely missing something? It is Friday, right?


Thanks, and have a great day.




Here's an example of what I'm talking about:


1. Right click chain to make variable. I'm fine with this.


2. Right click handle of radius, and get add radius option. Not great if the radius is going to be placed much farther away from this handle.



3. What I'd like to see when clicking near the purple dot is "Add Radius", instead of what's showing. (I know the dot is close to the 4.000 handle, I just used it to illustrate my point about the menu).



Dave; PTC is millennia behind others on fillet/round performance. The real time UI is a huge drag on CPU/GPU cycles. And the intuitive UI rating is near zero. I don't know how anyone can design plastics without some some real horsepower behind their workstation.

I know this is one area that SolidWorks just shines! Unfortunately, I think PTC is pretty much committed to this UI and algorithm. As with all thing marginal in Creo, we're going to have to live with it. Maybe Creo 3.0 (?)

Feel free to add a few ideas to the Ideas section. I am not sure there is a quick way to upgrade the UI but if you come up with some, I would be happy to vote up a good idea.

One thing I would -really- like is to have draggers be more intelligent by adding a "jump size" limit. By this I mean that between GPU refresh cycles, the dragger will only change maybe 10-20% max of the current value. A .01 value shouldn't suddenly allow a 5.0 value. If that is what you want, you can type that in.

I agree with you completely. I really do love working in Creo 2, but this has been bugging me for many releases, as has the transistions interface.

I did put it in the new ideas section for voting. Hopefully it gets some traffic.

I agree, it's a total pain. The creo GUI's are so full of FAIL in most every area. Which, is totally ironic since that's really all the "enhancements" are.....

5-Regular Member

It's a pain alright, but I worked out how to get it to behave better. When you right-click and select "add radius", the next thing you do is hover your mouse over the edge reference in the vicinity of where you want that radius to be located, then right-click again. Your drop-down menu will show a line, "location reference". Click on that and your new radius point goes straight there. Way easier than trying to drag the thing over and over and over.


Interestingly I have found no reference to this option in the help menu

Hmmm, gonna have to try that, thanks Grahame!

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