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how to open a door at the hinges?


how to open a door at the hinges?

Hello all - I started 7 years ago with ProductView 6 and then version 8 and now I try to get along with CreoIllustrate.

My actual problem is: how do I move the trackball out of the middle of the selected door and adapt it on the hinge?

Or how do I define axis along the hinges to move the selected door of the filter casing?

Of course I know about the solution in using the trackball in front/top/right orientation, but I am sure, there is a smarter

function in CreoIllustrate.

An example is shown in the attached video: how to turn the safety clip in CreoIllustrate?

thx -bye



When transforming (move or rotate) in Creo Illustrate you can Right-Click and choose Location to change the Coordinate System temporarily for the transformation operation.

See attached video.


Video Link : 2396

Hello Tim,

thank you very much - that was exactly what I have been looking for (*happy* now to carry on) 🙂

It would be great if video like this were available on the LearningExchange website :

5-Regular Member

Hi Vladimir,

We have addressed your request to the right contact person within PTC.


Hello Regine,

Thank you. I already asked this question a half year ago, here:

this video only takes me to the ptc community home page


Essentially what the video shows you is the ability to change the csys for a part.

This allows you to choose the csys of another part (for example the hinge) so that the door would rotate around the hinge.  You can also select an axis of a part if you need to be more specific.

Select CSYS.png


Use another part's csys.png


Hope that helps.


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