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templates in schematics .rsd vs .rsdt vs .she


templates in schematics .rsd vs .rsdt vs .she


Although I have noticed a wide variety of awkward use of vocabulary over the years of Pro/DIAGRAM to RSD through to Creo Schematics like ‘block’ vs ‘blocks’  (Blocks should have been called Symbols)  LOL , I can contend w/ strange use of the English language.      This leads me to the variety of uses of the word template.  


In the directory structure I have set a specific directory for Design Templates yet Creo Schematics title blocks are .she files located in the link below.  Why does Creo Schematics call a template and it can have so many variations.  


C:\Program Files\PTC\Creo 4.0\M010\Schematics\x86e_win64\creoschematics\template   

 These are the .she files (the PTC title blocks templates that install stock w/ Creo Schematics)


Ultimately I want to organize my own tile blocks w/ various company logos etc and set custom parameters.   Save and pack the design - File save a copy … select ‘pack design’ …..    Template. Browse to the central catalogs folder. Click save to pack the design does not create a .she file tho.  


little factoid 1: So I understand that .she files are old school medusa files.      gota love the late 80's and Medusa to name their files .she  


little factoid 2: Inside a Schematic file (shows as a file in Schematics but when you look at it in Dos or Windows it's a folder full of .she files)  



What is difference between .she and .rsd vs .rsdt vs .she

Why can't I load a .she file.  I need to obtain some antiquated medusa free install to read in the she files.  * irritated 


Bart Brejcha


There are several "templates" with Schematics.  There is the base design that is used when you select File -> New and there are design templates that are used when you select Design Explorer -> Create a new sheet.

Now, it appears that there are also the .rsdt files that appear to be used to create new designs based on a standard design.  I am not coversent on the usefulness of the rsdt files.


It appears that you are looking at the design templates from the Catalog Explorer.  You need to have a librarian design (password protected design) to set this up.

Unlock the design (in the Design tab, that is the Schematics 4 name)

Open the Catalog Explorer and thange the Type to Design Templates.

You can add, delete, or edit the Design Templates there.  You can use the Geometry tools to draw your templates and you should be able to import various file types.  Schematics 4 does list medusa files as one that can be imported.

You can then add labels for the text and include parameters.


The first thing we did was to delete the PTC templates and create our own using imported files from our mechanical cad people.

We created all the standard sizes that our mechanical people use except for A (which is useless for our schematics).  We create our designs using a hybrid method that only uses the Wiring type so that are no templates listed for other diagram types.



When you have the process down, go to your base template for your designs and repeat the process.  Don't do anything else in the base template that you do not want to show up in all designs you create.  (don't create a sheet to check the template you just created.  Even if you erase it, your new designs will start with sheet 2)


File extensions are semi meaningless to computers.  Different programs can call their unrelated file by the same extension. 

Medusa is the program that most commonly used .she as an extension but Schematics .she files may be something totally different.  I guess that the best test of that would be to get a program that can open Medusa's she files and try to see if it will open Schematics's she files.


If Schematics cannot import your Medusa files correctly, you can probably get one of the converters to go to autocad files and use them.








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