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Creo Drawing BOM Ballooning issues


Creo Drawing BOM Ballooning issues

I'm trying to get to grips with the changes from WF3 to Creo with regard to Drawing BOM ballooning which is driving me nuts.

Problem 1.

In WF3 I just select the parts list repeat region I want to use to create all the BOM baloons (by component) and from there after every component I want to BOM ballon is automatically taken from that same table region.

In Creo I'm being asked to specify the region to use every time I create a BOM baloon!

This is a real problem as the Parts list table is on a different drawing sheet to the assembly drawings I'm annotating and the zoom fator is passed between sheets, so the A0 assemby drawing which I have zoomed in on now requires me to zoom out when I switch to the A4 parts list to select the region and then zoom back in to find the component on the A0 assembly drawing. This problem alone is making me resist migrating to Creo

Q. Is there any way to make the zoom factor independant per sheet?

Q. Why am I having to specfy the repeat region each time?

Problem 2.

The default bom balloon symbol is not the one I want to use, but I can't see where I can specify to use my bom baloon symbol.

In WF3 this is easily overcome as once I have defined the region to use for bom balloons, I can then select the alternative symbol menu item, select the region and then retrieve my symbol. No all bob balloons are created using my symbol.

In Creo the alt bom balloon function does not make sense to me as it asks me to select the region and then asks "Select qty or custom balloons of the selected repeat region, or components." So having selected the parts list region I switch to the assembly drawing and find I can only select parts not balloons.

Q. How do I do what is simple in WF3 in Creo?

Problem 3.

My bom balloon symbol should display index and qty but the qty is not displayed. Creating the drawing in WF3 using the same drawing templates and balloon symbol the quantities are displayed.

Q. Is there a Creo issue with bom balloon quantity reporting?

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This could help a bit.

I tried to make bom symbols according to ISO but I failed on that one. Creo is too stub on that one. So I keep using the default baloons for now.

That clears up Problem 2 and 3 by setting the ballon type in the repeat region properties dialogue to be my custom ballon symbol.

However problem 1 still exists and I can't see why it keeps asking me to specify the repeat region each time, particularly as you are only allowed to have one repeat region specifying the bom balloons.

You can put another repeat region in the sheet of your assy drawing outside of the printed area.

Sorry but this would not be an acceptable solution on many fronts.

I would then have to maintain two repeat regions and ensure they match which would be a nightmare when assembiles can have hundreds of parts.

I use filter by record in the repeat region aswell as filter by rule, I also use relations to individually specify the quantity of bulk items.

Also this would still mean zooming in and out between the repeat region and the area of the assembly to which I am trying to add balloons which would be no quicker than swapping pages.

Wow, thanks for the heads up, especially as I'm trying to impliment BOM's here. Another reason to not use it. I've seen enough issues to keep me on WF4 indefinately. What else? Sheesh......

I don't know if it is a lack of understanding on my part or a bug in Creo that makes the process different from what I am used to in WF3. So don't let this put you off.

Creo does appear slicker in some areas, but more complicated to do some things which were easy in WF.

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