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Divide a Style into parts


Divide a Style into parts


I am modelling a joystick in Creo Parametric 2.0 with the Style feature.

Now I would like to divide the model into several parts. Normally I would make a mastermodel and extrute the remaining material away, and assembly it all in the end.

I have experienced this is not possible when I have used the Style function.

Anyone who has a good ide, or a way to solve my problem?

Best regards


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Can't you project curves onto the face and trim to them?

The usual way I would think of is to have the style part as a kind of skeleton. Then you create copy geoms of the surface into several parts where you detail them.

Yes I think I will project the curves, and detail the parts. If I can figure it out I will copy the geoms.

Actually I have a problem before this, some areas of my style will not "Thicken". And I get this message


The offset value is too large. All of the surfaces become self-intersecting

or inverted at the specified offset distance.

Recommended actions:

Use "Info, Srf Analysis, Offset Mesh" to investigate the surfaces.

Redefine the offset/thickness value to be smaller, or redefine the surfaces

to be offset."

I dont really get it, or what to do?

I have figured out the second question my self. Now I will try to make it into parts.

Thanks for your help.

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