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Exploded View / Jumping


Exploded View / Jumping

Here's one for you

Why when you explode a view and un-explode it back the screen jumps

If you want to take a screen shot with the assembly closed, then explode
it, you get some weird screen twitch and the center is no longer where
it started from.

Config option: Exploded_View_Resize_Screen_To_Piss_Me_Off = yes

Long week


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The screen is jumping around because the extents of the assembly is changing.

Way back before they had animation, we would make our own with relations and a trail file, and export a tiff file for each step. It would do the same thing. The only way to fix the problem was to create a huge cylinder and place it in the assembly. That way as the extents of the moving assembly changed, it wouldn't change the extents of the top assembly.

I believe you could do the same with your explode states.

Not elegant, but it should work.

David Haigh

I think I've noticed the same thing with sections in an assembly. My assembly will jump off the screen, and if I use any of my saved views, or even the standard ones, the assembly is either off screen or partly on. The assemblies I'm sectioning are never exploded. I've just dealt with it.

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