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Export Simulate results to xls


Export Simulate results to xls



It looks so simple according to the documentation. Select your graph windows, save a copy, choose .xls in drop-down menu.... But the only options I can see in the drop-down menu are .mrs or .mrp

What's up doc?


This is probably a windchill / PDM system conflict.  Are you using windchill / intralink? Can you try outside of that?

No, I do not use windchill/intralink. Thanks for your answer anyway

Hmmmm.  I looked a little closer to your image.  It is looking in PDMLink, which is windchill.IS LOOKING IN PDM SYSTEMIS LOOKING IN PDM SYSTEM


Ok, I did not know that. Unfortunately, I do not have the option to try out of this environment

Here is some PTC help on the saving of simulate results.  I do not have windchill so I cannot help much.  I used Intralink PDM about 20 years ago, so I have a tiny understanding of PDM.


There seems to be an option to use CREO "no server".   See this and this .


I also found this that says you can export the results out of your workspace and that you can only choose the option to vault results if you are working online with the PDM system and have the part checked in.  So from this maybe check the part out into your workspace, or even work offline and see if more or less options to save appear.

I have a suspicion that since you were not aware of the PDM that you do not know the workspace, check In/out process yet.  Chances are if you have PDM that you have several others at your organization that know how to work in the PDM system, and you can reach out to them to give you a demo.



Goto File -> Save As, you would see the option to export results to xls format.Annotation 2019-10-18 171118.png

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