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F-Tabled Models WF4 to CREO 2.0


F-Tabled Models WF4 to CREO 2.0

I have many large family tabled models I would like to open in WF4 that
are currently in CREO 2.0
Have not found any majic trick other than to use stp or neutral method.
Would be nice if there was a function that would expand the tables upon
the stp or neutral process.
Anyone have any solutions for this?

Douglas Bowles
Electro-Mechanical Design Eng.
Cell 520-490-9395
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21-Topaz II

I was going to suggest you use GCRI [1], but it looks like for WF4 it only supports up to Creo 1. Odd, since WF5 will go to Creo 3. Might be worth a try anyway.

[1] -
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer
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