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HELP needed for a mechanism! urgent!


HELP needed for a mechanism! urgent!

Video Link : 3025

Can Anyone develop this mechanism in pro e wildfire 5? I would greatly appreciate any help in this matter!

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Looks like a tangent sphere on a surface. What is not working for you?

Well i am unable to create the cam-shaft properly and i have a project submition deadline coming up. i have tried my level best but to no avail. please help. thanks

I always fall back on simple models when the fancy stuff fails me.

How about using a 3D spline rather than a face and having a point follow the spline?

already did that... that constraint only allows one complete rotation from start of line till end...

its not continuous..

Even if the spline is generated from rotating geometry?

i can share my assembly if it would help clarify my mechanism so far.


Antonius suggested a neat way to do this is by linking a datum point to a datum curve.

I projected a circle 150mm diameter onto the surface of the swash plate to create the datum curve. A datum point was added to the end of the piston rod.

The swashplate rotates on a 'pin' connection and the piston uses a 'slider' connection. When the piston rod was assembled, a second 'slot' constraint was added using the datum curve on the swash plate (CTRL+ left click both halves of the curve) and the datum point on the end of the piston rod.

To animate the assembly I went into Mechanism and added a servo motor (velocity 720 degrees/sec) to the swashplate spindle. I then created a new analysis lasting one secondhich shows two full revolutionsi . After running the analysis, the playback was captured as an mpg. I left the datum curve visible in the video below.

Let us know how you get on.

Video Link : 3027

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