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Impact loads on structure

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Impact loads on structure

I searched the online exploder database, but found little on this topic, and
it was nearly 8 years old.

Does Mechanica still not have the ability to analyze the effect of a onetime
impact load on a structure? Like say, a 300 lb dude jumping down onto a

The help file says this: Dynamic shock analysis is not used for impulsive
loads that vary with respect to time.

I think that someone else does this with "Event Analysis"...just figured
that Mechanica would at some point.

Thanks in advance,

Gavin B. Rumble, PE

Solid Engineering




Yes, MECHANICA does one time impact loading. And No, Dynamic Shock is not necessarily what you are looking for. Search "Dynamic Time" and you will find the ability to apply a sine wave load - applied one time, over the time span you want.

AND - in the "rigid body" world, you will find MDO (Mechanism Dynamics Option) will allow you to do the same thing to a "system" of rigid bodies, connected together with springs and dampers.

It all depends on what you are looking for as "output" as to which application / solution you need.

Randy Speed
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