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Light Weight Graphics in Creo Parametric 2.0 (No Windchill)


Light Weight Graphics in Creo Parametric 2.0 (No Windchill)

I wanted to ask some questions regarding Light Weight Graphics option new to Creo Parametric.

We are currently implementing Windchill 10.1 but we are months aways from going live. Currently, we manage products by using network folder strucutre.

I want to take adavantage of Light Weight Graphics function for opening large assemblies quickly and then selecting what components I need to focus on. This will greatly improve how fast the assembly will open which is something we need due to a large that slows the prorcess down dramatically.

Configuration Options of LWG.

enable_3dmodelspace_browser_tab no

use_3d_thumbnail_in_lwg_rep yes

intf_out_pvs_recipe_file <path:\>

generate_viewable_on_save no

simprep_ondemand_activation yes

simprep_ondemand_cleanup restore

simprep_ondemand_editing automatic

simprep_ondemand_regeneration automatic

simprep_ondemand_selection automatic

simprep_ondemand_settings never_prompt

To test LWG, I opened an assembly. Saved it and then erased from memory. Now I open it and select the LWG option. I basically get a bunch of boxes that represent a componet which is difficult to use.

I attached a screen shot to show what the results are.

In the webinar, the assembly opened in a low resolution version of the models to quickly open the assembly and then you can choose what components you want to open as a master rep to do some work. I am not getting the same results as the webinar showed and I wanted to know if I am doing something wrong.

I assume you must open the assembly at least once and save for the LWG to be generated, but do I need to do this will all components, assemblies, and sub-assemblies?

Any help with this will be apprcieated. (Please look at the attached file)

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What they don't tell you in the demo is that the assembly has already been a save in the CreoView format (.pvs) in the folder where the files exist. I have not tested with search paths so I don't know how well that works. I gave up on this since we work with PDMLink 9.1 for now. So I imagine that you would have to save out the .pvs for all changes that occur since the .pvs is a snapshot in time.

Ronald B. Grabau
Roseville, CA

I thnk my problem is the <path> to the receipt file for the .pvs creation.

I honsetly don't know were to point this and it's currently pointing to <drive>:\Creo 2.0\Common Files\M010\text\prodview\export_LWG.rcp

Has anyone made this work without Windchill?



After talking to PTC at Global Live in Anaheim and at the Technical
Committees that immediately followed, PTC is aware the LWG does not work
correctly with Creo 2 and PDMLink.

It is up to us as the customers to push this topic with PTC since they
advertise the ROI on time savings that comes from LWG. I am pursuing this
as a elevated issue with PTC from my company.

Lance J Lie
Information Technology
SAS IT Info. Solutions App. Eng.
Space and Airborne Systems
Raytheon Company

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Why would PTC VAR's hold recent webinars showcasing this functionality if it did not work?

If they are showing demo's that are not relaistic or staged to make them work, we have a serious problem.

Companies that wait 1 hour for an assembly to open need this type of functinality.

Please keep us posted on any feedback from PTC. I will open my own case with PTC about this.




Each company will need to evaluate the best approach for using LWG rep technology versus other PTC technology as there are a few incompatibilities as currently designed.

  1. Is Creo connected to WC or not?

  2. Is the Top Level assembly stagnant or in a changing developmentenvironment? (LWG might require a top level iteration and/or republish upon any change to lower levels)

  3. Does the assembly structure include 150% BOM- overpopulated assembly with many options in a mutlilevel structure? (LWG would show a blob of information)

  4. Windchill Publisher set up.

    • Positioning Assembly or Standard publish? (Positioning assembly is assemblystructure only whichcan enable latest WC graphics content to be loaded into Creo View - no requirement to republish top level when lower level objectschange, minimizes amount of "ol" files to manage in WC and increases efficiency of publisher.)

    • Is graphics information stored to the CAD file? (We have assemblies saved ina "blank" simplified representation where nographics information isstored in the file) - I believeLWG rep canuse PVZ/PVS/OL Creo View file format or the graphicsembedded in CAD file.

  5. Does the company have a vision to use Creo View?

    • Assemblies published as positioning assembly will be a "bounding box" in LWG Creo Parametric image. There are PTC cases and customers asking forthis to work with LWG.

  6. Windchill Options and Variants Technology - I don't know if a "configurable Product/Module assembly created by using "save as configurable module"can be opened in LWG rep.

  7. Open Subset (Design in Context technology) - Downloads required dependends of assembly selected in tree structure to the workspace.

  8. Other Simplified reps - Downloads only what is neededfrom WC to produce image.(ineffeciently I might add)

  9. Family Tables - we don't use instance accelerators, butwould need to be tested with LWG Technology.

  10. My dream future technology...LWG rep open "viewables" from the publisher for Creo Viewor "annotations"created inCreo View. Viewables or annotations are basically simplfied reps in Creo View terminology.

There were a few companiesat PTC live globalviewing large assemblies in Creo View. Ididn't see or may havemissed any PTC customer with Windchillshow a use case with LWG reptechnology.

Bill Ryan

Peterbilt Motors Company