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Out of Date & Out of Date with Workspace Configuration


Out of Date & Out of Date with Workspace Configuration

I have some users that have customized their workspace view to show columns for "Out of Date" and "Out of Date with Workspace Configuration".

The embedded browser shows some items as out of date, yet the version/iteration in the workspace is the latest version/iteration in commonspace. There seems to be nothing we can do that will get rid of these indications.

My guess is we don't really understand what these columns are telling us.

Anyone know what these mean and what the significance is?

We are on PDMLink 9.0-m080 and 9.0-m030. ProE version is wf4-m130. We see the same behavior on both systems.

David Haigh
Phone: 925-424-3931
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Lawrence Livermore National Lab
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have you tried to synchronise your workspace (it will update the metadata) or Update your workspace (it will download the CAD data from the server when necessary, you get a message telling you what is out of date).

Doing concurrent engineering we find those status very important. As it tells the user if they have an out of date CAD document (or out of date metadata) in their workspace. You may already know and understand what I am going to say.

Let say you add to your workspace Part 1 version A.5 (latest version) and it is a released data so you can reuse it. You work last about 2 weeks and Part 1 A.5 is all that time in your workspace. In between, there has been a ECN to modify part 1 but you are not aware of it for what ever reason. Somebody will create Part 1 B.0. Then thanks to this Out of Date status, you will be informed that the data in your workspace is different than the latest version. You can either decide to carry on with A.5 until B is released, or download B.x everytime. The revision may impact or not your design. A new revision may not necessary lead to a new CAD document (it could be that some attributes needed updating). So you could carry on working on the same CAD document and only update the metainformation.

Hope this helps. We find this very useful and a special view was created at admin level for all users.

Best regards