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Pro Mechanica Relations


Pro Mechanica Relations

Does anyone know how to access relations within Mechanica?
I want to type a relation for a load and according to the help file shown at the bottom here...
You just access the relations command, but when I'm in Mechanica there is no menu option for relations.
Am I missing something?

With a recent suggestion I tried going back to standard mode and typing the relations as I would normally but every time I use the function such as sim_load_value("Load1","X") = 10it gives me an error (i.e. Invalid left side of assignment)

Pro-E Wildfire 4 Build M130
Pro Mechanica Build M200

"Use the Pro/ENGINEER Relations command to use functions in Mechanica and FEM mode. You can use either of these functions on the left or right side of a relation:

  • sim_load_value() — for access to load and constraint values

  • sim_mc_value() — for access to mesh control values

On the left side of a relation, use the function to set a value. On the right side, use it to get a value.

For example, if you define a point load, Load1, with FX=100, and if you want another load, Load2, which may have been defined with different values, to have the same value for X as Load1, you can define a relation as follows:

sim_load_value("Load2","X") = sim_load_value("Load1","X")

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Create the relations within ProE.

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