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ProUITree Popup Menu


ProUITree Popup Menu

I am having trouble getting a pop-up menu (RMB) working for a ProUITree.
Any advice would be appreciated.

In the routine to create the dialog:
ProNotificationSet (PRO_POPUPMENU_CREATE_POST, (ProFunction)
ProUIDialogActivate (DIALOG_NAME, &status);
ProUIDialogDestroy (DIALOG_NAME);

The function exportDialogPopupCreate() never gets called despite the dialog
with the tree showing is displayed.

Is there any special way or locatioon to right-click? Any enabling function
that needs to be invoked?


Bob Monat
Jerand Technical Services, Inc.

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Hi Bob,

I create RMB Menus in the .res files. I don't know if it is possible this way for your problem.

Declare the RMB:

(MenuPane CLV_OpenMenu
(PushButton CLV_Open)
(PushButton CLV_Insert)
(PushButton CLV_Mapkey)
(PushButton CLV_OpenPathInExplorer)

(CLV_Open.Label "Open")
(CLV_Open.Bitmap "clv_open.gif")
(CLV_Insert.Label "Insert")
(CLV_Mapkey.Label "Mapkey")
(CLV_OpenPathInExplorer.Label "Open Path in Explorer")
(.AttachLeft True)
(.AttachRight True)
(.AttachTop True)
(.AttachBottom True)
! (.VisbileInMenubar 0)

And bind it inside the Resources declaration:


(CLV_List.PopupMenu "CLV_OpenMenu")


After that you can change all the insides like you want. I want to change the options are shown inside the RMBM for the different elements you can choose inside a list (so should be the same inside a tree). So I redeclare the .visible options (ProUIPushbuttonShow / ProUIPushbuttonHide) inside the RMB menu. So the menu is everytime the same, only the shown options change. For the changes I use the select action from the list item (should be also possible on a tree).

Best regards,


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