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Hello all,

Anyone out there using Product Point and have the time to tell me what
you think?

Based on the propaganda from PTC, it sounds really useful for us.

Thanks a lot...

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We're attempting to use it but I don't think it's ready for prime time folks. We're on the latest version 1.1 M011 and it died on us last week. We are unable to save to the database and unable to synchronize to the ProE session. PTC R&D is currently trying to figure out what happened.

I have two major complaints with the tool. It is built on the Microsoft SharePoint architecture and you cannot move objects between sites, which sucks if you have a library set up and you inadvertently save your assembly with new library components.

The other complaint is navigating through the browser is painfully slow. You will want to create a lot of favorites in ProE.

With that said, the tool is very simple to use and maintain. If this tool is being used at one location with a small workgroup, then I think it's viable. When automatic synchronization is turned on you actually have a concurrent engineering environment between users. Files automatically lock when they are being modified and with the Database Status column added to your model tree, you can see the status of your files in session. If they are locked it will display who has them locked.

I do think you will want to wait for a more stable version of this tool. I've already gone through 2 SPR's with this tool.


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