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Set up simulation Loads/Constraints color


Set up simulation Loads/Constraints color

I search for any API function that set up color for simulation objects like constraints and loads, default creation dialog provide this. I found only example for Creo Parametric objects, try to  use it for Simulation but it have no effect.

ProColor yellow;

yellow.method = PRO_COLOR_METHOD_RGB; = 1.0; = 1.0; = 0.0;


example or API function name will be useful, thanks.

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I only now the functions to color features, solids, surfaces

What you do is to change the std. color map. I don't know if thats a good idea. If you only want to do that you can also change it in I think.

To change the color permanent:

I use old prodb functionality:

prodb_set_surface_props((Prohandle)setAppearance_mdl, SEL_3D_SRF, p_feature->id, 0, &psp);

but there is also a Toolkit function, I need to be Wildfire 4 complient but I think the rework as a TK Command is in Creo 2.0 working ... so that's why.

You can define here from an RGB value and push it directly to whatever you want.



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