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Swage geometry?


Swage geometry?

Is there a way to simulate a riveting or swaging operation in Pro/E?

I know of the warp tool, but as far as I can see it can not simulate a force, force area or material type.

Can mechanica simulate such a thing? I need to define a column, material, force applied, distance traveled and geometry of contact are of swaging tool. Any ideas?

How much will this wall roll over when a force over a distance is applied?

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Jamie Schmehl
Tool Designer
Synthes USA - West Chester, PA

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I don't think a program like mechanica will help, because you need to
yield the material and plastically deform it. I think that if you have
a non-linear solver, you can model the material in a way to be useful.
Otherwise you may need dedicated forming software like FORGE 3, or

Christopher F. Gosnell

FPD Company

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As an FYI Mechanica can solve non linear problems. See below;