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The model is disconnected.


The model is disconnected.

WF4 M150 Windchill wsp.

New to ProE and Windchill. Working on pin mechanism assy that is assy cut in next levelup and then made flexiblein yet the next level up. The stop/go light in lower right of ProE window is the crossed out "D" symbol saying the model is disconnected. It isn't consistent for this assy as in one session it will work fine, but in another session later fails. I have to completely rebuild the assy each session for it to work.

Is the "D" symbol caused by Windchill or ProE? Any rules of thumb apply to mechanisms and flexibility that I may be failing?

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Hi there -

I'm looking for any feedback on this entry. It's a new occurrence for me - happening with a couple of users on one assembly. Is it an assembly constraint issue? Server? There are three guys trying to work on the assembly at once (trouble waiting to happen, I know..) is this a result of some lapse in cooperation?

Any help would be appreciated - thanks in advance!

Chrystal Johnstone

Seattle, WA

last one who saves wins


Do you have Intralink or Windchill? If so you can lock down the assembly.

If you need to have more than one person working on the assembly you can
make sub-assemblies

under the main assembly and just work on the sub-assemblies



Makes me remember the old "index card" days...........

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