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Volume reduction during LDA


Volume reduction during LDA

Hello everybody, I would ask you why in a simple imposed rotation I have a consistent volume reduction of the component near the pin.



I used Creo 6.0.4




I'm on Creo 4 so I can't open those files, but I did find some of the models you uploaded in this post.  I'll see if I can reproduce the problem there.  It looks like the same model - did you see the same issue back then?


It seems like the ID/pin hole is winding up with respect to the OD/outer surface.  Is the tip of that part traveling the same angular displacement as input motion at the pin?  If you turn of large displacements, do you see the same thing?


I'm not sure what you're studying, but I wonder of you could accomplish the same thing with a dynamic mechanism.

Yes, I've used the quarantine time (😥) to retake old discussions left without answer.

It seems that with Creo 6 (maybe also 4 or 5, but I don't know) it has been resolved the problem of the imposed rotation in part: now the model rotates without resizing the entire part (like before).

But I've the problem of the thread: only on the outside pin diameter there is a considerable volume variation and, consequetly, we have very high stresses.

In addiction I've imposed a rotation of an arc of 8mm and it turns less (it must travel a chord of 7.788mm but it does only 6.231 [see my measure "distanza"])


My analysis already includes large deformations (LDA).
My goal is symply "to see" if one can push (with contacts) a piece through an imposed rotation in the right manner with Creo's FEA.

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