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add the possibility to défine a chamfer or a fillet in an assembly

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add the possibility to défine a chamfer or a fillet in an assembly

Why the function fillet and chamfer are not available in the assembly mode in Creo?


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Because such functionality is not implemented.


Martin Hanák

Chamfer and fillet are part functions that can remove or ADD material. In assembly mode, the only acceptable method of ADDing material is by assembling components.

That's the way it was explained to me 20 years ago when I asked.

Here is a product ideas for this:

Allow fillets (rounds) & chamfers in assembly mode

Hi Michael,

Stephen Williams is correct.  Chamfer and Round features can either add or remove material.  In assembly mode, material can only be removed, not added, therefore these options are not available.

When you create an extrude or revolve feature, in the assembly, you will notice that the Remove Material icon is depressed by default, and grayed out.



To second Martin's response - because PTC chose not to do so. Geometry wise there is no reason to prevent adding material, but there are logical problems.

For example, when a hole is drilled in an assembly, each intersected part can have it's own hole. This is critical because the assembly cut is managed by creating an on-the-fly family table instance and so the instance has the hole feature. But when a fillet is added between two parts, there is no clear place to create the family table instance - which of the parts should get the added material? It can't be both because that would cause an invalid mass-properties result.

I think they should add an on-the-fly part that contains the material added to assemblies, but they haven't yet and I expect they won't soon, though for many additive processes it would be handy. Even this has it's problems - if one place had a weld and added metal and another was filled with resin, they could not be both in a single part and have correct properties.

OTOH there is no reason that, if a person really wanted to, they could not create parts that simulate that condition and activate/create features as required in them.

CFD analysis with in CREO Parametric assemblies will be one factor that will prevent this. Assembly features are not supported in CFD modules.

If you create one chamfer feature and select multiple edges across multiple parts in the assembly, how do you tell simulate or floefd cfd that its not a ridged connection accross between the parts and prevent it from tranfering load or thermal effects through the chamfer feature since the feature spands multiple parts?

Hope this sheads some light on some of the down stream issues with doing this.


Don Anderson