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"criteria mismatch" help


"criteria mismatch" help

I'm having a weird thing here with Component Interfaces. Our flat washer
generic has a component interface defined in it, and occasionally, I'm not
able to identify when or where, it decides that it has a "criteria
mismatch." Here are the steps that cause this to happen (sometimes)

- assemble the flat washer using the component interface, which uses an
insert command, then a mate command.

- save & close

-when I open the next level assembly up, then I get this warning:

Component 4716 in assembly 87195 has does not satisfy all criteria of
referenced component interfaces. (repeated ad nauseam for a whole bunch of

So I open subassembly 87195, and redefine component 4716, one of the flat
washers, and instead of "fully constrained", it says "Critera Mismatch"

So I change the assembly contraints from "Place using interface" to "Place
manually" and then it's fine- fully constrained.

This despite the fact that I have not changed any criteria - just changed it
from interface to manual.

The biggest issue with this is I've got dozens of these washers in various
subassemblies, and ever time I do anything in the top level drawing, even
just zooming it, it cycles through all those warning messages in the message
window before I can do anything.

So I guess I have two questions:

1) why am I getting a criteria mismatch? There's nothing wrong with the way
its assembled, if I can change it to manual placement & have it be fine,
correct? Or am I missing something?

2) is there anyway to have it not slow me down in the top level assembly
without having to go through my subassy's & redefine all my flat washers?
The really weird thing is that it doesn't affect the assembly where the
washers are actually assembled - just the upper level assembly.



Lyle Beidler
178 Muddy Creek Church Rd
Denver PA 17517
Fax 717-336-0514
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