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sketcher constraints UI


sketcher constraints UI


The flyout for sketcher constraints is driving me nuts. Any slick
ideas on how to keep it open - or keep the icon the same? I can never
find it because it always looks different (like the last constraint

I guess if that is all I have to complain about, I am doing well.
Thanks for your ideas.


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You're right on with that statement. The constraints fly-out is a major pain in the ass. I can never fine it either. What genius at PTC decided "Hey... let's change the look of the icon each time they use it - It'll be fun !" All releases prior to WF 5 had the same icon all the time. Easy to find every time.



Original post below...

Just as I suspected, PTC left some room for improvement again. It is
funny, however, that many times they way it was worked great and then
there is a change that leaves room for improvement... Why can't they
just "fix" the things that we complain about?


I got more "co-miserable" responses than work-arounds. Here is what I

1) Create mapkeys for the individual constraints, map them to
custom icons and populate the sketcher toolbar with your new icons.
Lyle took the time to create a slick video to illustrate the icon
creation - I am sure he wouldn't mind if I shared it. Let me know...

2) In sketcher, if you RMB with two entities selected, you get an
appropriate selection of constraints to apply. I have yet to remember
to try this, but it sounds a lot like how SolidWorks lets you apply
"relations". If this works well, I will not bother creating custom

And that's all.

Thanks again!



Get used to pre-selection of elements you want to constrain and RMB, it is faster than seeking an icon with your cursor. (It took me a while to get past the icon changing for the constraint tool too.) Another option if you must have icons:Select Tools --> Customize screenand select the Toolbars tab, you can scroll to the bottom and activate Toolbar 1, 2 or 3. Then select the Commands tab, pick the Sketch category and drag/drop your constraint icons to the toolbar you perviously activated. You wil now have a toolbar you can placewith sketch constraint icons. Although this will pollute your borders with more icons... 😞