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Adepters email address for senders


Adepters email address for senders

I suppose it's some sort of privacy thing, but the Adepters posts used to always include the individual email address of the sender. Now they don't. I didn't notice when this stopped, so it may have happened quite some time ago.
It any case, it would be useful if the Adepters posts would go back to displaying this data. I understand that if lawyers have gotten involved in this, that any change of this nature would most likely be prohibited, if not take thousands of years.
On the off chance that maybe it's a setting I could change, does anyone know anything about this?

I went back to some of my older Adepters messages and it looks like it happened around May 9 of this year (2014). Does anyone know why?

I can confirm that I'm seeing a similar thing in my archives. I don't know why it happened, but I do agree it is kind of strange.



I'm not at my desk right now butI think if you do a reply to all it will show the senders email.

Not anymore. Ed's right. The mail headers are stripped of the submitter's
email address. This is what I see in gmail's version of this email:

I think there was a site update recently that changed a few things. I have my Adepters email filter to a folder and it stopped filtering not long ago. That means the sender changed. I also noticed that the search screen is different than it used to be.

I got the following email on Friday at another email address of mine. I
assumed it had actually displayed here on Adepters, too, but now I'm
thinking maybe it didn't. Anyhow, the short of it is that PTC/User is aware
of the header difference, considers it a problem, and has someone looking
into it.


I notice the change happened around May 9th, as well. It's a closed forum so I don't know why it would be an issue to leave the poster's email in the response. Also, this email was a 'reply to all' and it still does not show your actual email.